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Tree Care and Removal

     The United States Forest Service says trees can increase property values as much as 10 percent. So if you have a property assessed at $200,000 with three mature trees,  your trees could be worth up to S20,000.

    Trees add value to your property, look beautiful, shade houses and buildings, and attract wildlife.
They can offer a place for a swing for your child or a nice place to sit under. Trees grow with your family and offer many memories.  We can keep your trees healthy.  We professionally prune trees. 

     Safety is our number one goal, especially when we climb trees. We use professional climbing harnesses and rigging equipment to control limbs and trees when they are cut. This will both protect us and your property from harm. You cant always trust your neighbor with a chainsaw.  It is important to seek out a tree care professional who will use safety equipment

    Why choose American Landscaping?


  • use professional chainsaws and safety equipment.
  • spend extra time to safely rig and prepare limbs to make sure they will be safely lowered.
  • take even more precaution by renting a Boom lift whenever necessary
  • have great rates.
  • offer free quotes.
  • are insured to $1,000,000 to protect our customers.
  • are professional.


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