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Providing High-Quality Lawn Care in Texas


American Landscaping Home

American Landscaping is one of the premier full-service lawn maintenance and landscaping companies in Granbury and Fort Worth Texas area. Our services include lawn maintenance/lawn care, landscaping creation, landscaping maintenance, debris removal, and the installation and repair of irrigation or otherwise known as lawn care sprinkler systems. American landscaping also has experience with the use of organic products. Our experienced landscapers guarantee clean, prompt service.

We also can also offer instructions on how to plant and grow turfgrass.

American Landscaping is a qualified and insured professional lawn maintenance and landscaping company that has been serving the Granbury and Fort Worth Texas area for nearly six years. We serve both residential and commercial properties with contracts or seasonal.


"A professionally landscaped property is a sure ticket to quick resale. It gives a home curb appeal, a sense of place and value. “It’s the first thing you see,” says Joan Honeyman, of Honeyman Landscape Architecture in Washington, D.C. That first impression can add 20 percent to your home’s value, a figure that rivals the return on a new kitchen or bath."

Joyce Carroll - Landscaping: a good investment

If you're in Granbury or Fort Worth don't trust your landscaping to anyone with a lawnmower. American Landscaping is qualified and insured. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise, at the same prices as inexperienced lawn maintenance providers.