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Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems for Your Lawn

Sprinklers / Irrigation

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What is an irrigation system? Irrigation systems are often referred to as sprinkler systems. It is the use of pipes or plumbing to deliver water to your lawn or landscape at a controlled time and rate from a well, city main, or some other water source.

We install, maintain, and repair sprinkler and irrigation systems of all kinds. Rainbird, Orbit, Hunter, Toro, and most other sprinkler and irrigation bands. We also service all sprinkler head types: rotary heads, pop-up heads, shrub sprays, and drip irrigation. We can replace any damaged or corroded sprinkler nozzles and filters. We offer a 1-year warranty on all sprinkler systems we install. 

We are local. We service Granbury, Acton, Pecan Plantation, Decordova, Glen Rose, Lipan, Tolar, Hood County, and surrounding areas. We are licensed through the TCEQ License number LI19105.

Why you need an Irrigation/Sprinkler System
  • Save Time
    • Your time is valuable, whether it's finishing up with a project, spending more time with the family, or watching a game. Don't waste your extra time when you get home dragging a hose around the yard especially when it's over 100 degrees outside.
  • Save Money
    • Using the proper amount of water for your landscape allows you to save money by not overwatering your yard, or wasting water with overspray because the sprinkler spray pattern wasn't custom-designed for yard.
    • When you go out of town, you don't have to risk losing your plants and spending hundreds to thousands of dollars replacing them. Irrigation timers are fully programmable and can be set to a "set it and forget it" schedule.
  • Maintain Healthy Landscaping
    • Your lawn, shrubs, and trees are healthiest when you water under the right conditions.
    • New irrigation systems have features including rain sensors, freeze sensors, and even soil moisture sensors, so that you don't have to wonder if your landscaping is getting the right amount of water.
  • Help Reduce Water Waste and Runoff
    • We've all seen sprinkler systems running in the rain, flooding sidewalks and driveways with the excess water, or strong winds blowing the water from your irrigation system out into the street where it is wasted. These scenarios ARE avoidable. We believe that water is precious, especially here in Texas. It is our mission to design systems that use water responsibly to properly irrigate your lawn, landscaping, and trees.

Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality,
P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087